New Header!

I replaced the header earlier this week, with little fanfare. There was the whole loss-of-power-for-four-days thing that prevented me from updating it on the actual first of the month and then the wildly successful Holiday Show at Peach Tree Gallery that deserved time and space on the blog. So I quietly changed the header and am now just getting to talking about it. The image is a section of this full sheet:

Peacock pattern

The pattern is called Peacock and is relatively simply to do--a get-gel followed by pulling a bouquet comb in a wavy motion. The problem is, I generally stink when it comes to making this pattern. My peacocks look like they are in the middle of a hurricane or have had waaaaaaaay too much to drink at the family holiday dinner. The example above isn't as bad, though my peacocks definitely have HUGE, gaping necks. Oh well. I like the color palette though.

This sheet was for sale at the Holiday Show. I can't tell you how many people picked it up with an exclamation (wow!), stared at it for a long time, and then put it back. Perhaps facing all those peacocks, which could also pass as turkeys, I suppose, made people feel a little uncomfortable considering the presiding holiday menu this time of year; I recently read that the five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the biggest poultry-consumption period of the year, with Americans consuming one-fourth of all the turkey they eat annually. I guess this is one of those learning moments--in the future, I'll only sell the Peacock pattern in the middle of summer, when all eyes (and hands) are around a fat, juicy hamburger or grilled hotdog instead!