"Interesting Works"

A while back I mentioned I had an experimental marbling day after the weather wreaked havoc on my marbling bath. I showed you my Great Red Discovery (as I like to call it) and my marbling on sheet music (I still love these and can't stop looking at them). Well, today I bring you another "interesting work" from that day: marbled wood pieces! Marbled Wood Pieces

These are plain wood pieces I got from an online store for the collage-making activity for my birthday party last year. I really like all the shapes (circles, ovals, squares, tear-drops, triangles) and sizes (anywhere between 1/2 and 2 inches) and knew I could use them as embellishments for journals or on framed canvas pieces. So when my bath went south, I figured whatever the wood pieces were made of (pine?) and whatever chemicals were on them (if any) couldn't possibly do any more damage to my already crazy size. I was THRILLED with the results (of course I had low expectations...but still!). They were a bit tricky to marble (my fingers would touch the bath when I tried to gently put them in which would mess with the design a bit) but I ended up with some fun stuff. My greatest "fear," that the paint would run off or smear, was never realized. The whole process was much easier than I thought it would be. Of course I was working with cheap, small pieces...

So I tried marbling on wood that was a little larger and of higher quality. An acquaintance of mine is a carpenter and had given me a few 4-inch wood pieces made from walnut and oak and the like. He had intended them to be Christmas ornaments and had drilled a little hole in one end. I saw these as potential embellishments like the other wood pieces and decided see what would happen if I marbled them.

Well, this is what happened:

Larger wood pieces




Again, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely they turned out. My neighbor saw them and said when put all together they would make for a really neat indoor "wind chime." I immediately thought, "Mobile Art"! Not sure if that is the direction I'll end up going (I still envision some of them on the cover of a journal) but for now I like playing around with the idea.

I keep a couple of these guys on my desk in my office. I like they way they look and I like they way they feel when I hold them. And they remind me of what I love so much about marbling...anything is possible, even on the worst days!