Something New is in the Air

Notice anything different about the blog today (besides this post)? Take a look at the masthead/header (the graphic at the top of the page). It's new! I've decided to feature a new masthead every month as a way to show how cool marbling is. Because it really is. Every piece takes on a new life, complete with its own personality and attitude, when used in different ways--whether as a masthead, business card, framed art, journal cover, signature wrap, silk scarf, bookends (in bookbinding), greeting cards, functional art, and more.

This masthead came from a piece that was an overmarble. It has such a different feel than the last one I used. It's a little more whimsical, I think, and has a slight underwater feel to it when used in this size, shape, and format. But if you look at the actual full sheet of paper, it conveys a different feeling--hippie-ish, in my opinion.

I haven't decided yet how to use the actual paper. It could end up framed or it could end up as the cover of a photo album I am making for a friend. In any case, it looks great as a masthead too!

I'll be archiving all my mastheads on a separate page called, appropriately, "Masthead Archive." It's right there at the top of the page (above the masthead!) sandwiched between "About Me" and "Writings." I can't wait for that page to fill up!

So...what do YOU think about the new masthead?