Mini-frames (or something like that)

Here's a little sneak peek at something I've been working on with my marbled papers. These (among other things) will be available at the Peach Tree Holiday Show this November December 3 and 4 (the same gallery where I sold my Hope's Flame candles for four wonderful years). I'm calling them "mini-frames" for now but I need something better than that so if you have suggestions, please share! Mini in Blue Stones

These are 3" x 4" or 5" x 7" sheets of my marbled paper that are hand sewn to a natural branch that I've "whittled" (did I just say that?!) the bark off of. This description makes it sound like these pieces are crazy and bizarre but they are not. They are beautiful, delicate, natural pieces of art that would look lovely hanging on any wall. See...

Mini Hawaiian Day

There are several different ways you can hang them. In the photo above, I just tapped two straight pins into the wall and hung the piece by the "screw eyes" that are screwed into the branch and that the thread that holds the paper is looped around. You can barely even see the pinheads. It works great!

Pinhead Close Up

Here are a few more examples:

Mini - Mood

Mini Pink Feather

Mini - I am

Mini Fleur

Mini - This is the Way

And here's one I did for a friend's birthday gift. This one is much larger. I think the final size was something like 23" x 15".

Large Branch Frame

I'll probably do a few of these bigger ones for the Holiday Show as well but for now I'm really digging the look and feel of the mini-frames. Also, I am a firm believer in making art accessible to everyone while still compensating the artist for his/her work. The mini-frames will be priced between $7 and $15 so just about anyone can get a piece of ORIGINAL art...and I think everyone should have at least one piece of original art in their home, don't you?!