Flame Pattern This is one of my favorite marbling patterns to do. It's called "Flame" and you can see why. This particular piece, which I am really proud of, was made during my marbling and bookbinding class at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Don't ask me what colors I used. My guess would be Payne's Gray, Sap Green, Titan Buff, and maybe Quinacridone (aka "quin") Burnt Orange (all Golden Fluid Acrylics)...but that's just a guess. What I do know is that I marbled on Canson Ingres #48 Cream paper...a paper I was introduced to in class and simply fell in LOVE with (despite a weird texture thing...the horizontal "alleys"...which you can see in the above scan but not in real life). Specifically, I swoon over the cream color and the "antique" affect it has on the overall look and feel.

I'm in the process of coming up with a "brand" for my marbling work. I'm thinking of using this design, and even this particular piece, as part of a logo. I've modified my blog masthead as part of a test drive. What do you think?