Score One for the Animals and Yourselves!

Great news...the "ag-gag" bills introduced in the Florida and Minnesota legislatures are dead (link)! And it appears that the sponsors of the Minnesota bill were so bombarded by negative feedback and took so much heat for their proposed legislation that at one point, they simply stopped talking about it to anyone...reporters, citizens, even their fellow representatives. If that doesn't make you believe in the power of your voice, then I don't know what will. Way to go, Minnesota! I am so proud of my hommies! Unfortunately, both Iowa and New York still have ag-gag bills under consideration. But the pressure to back off is mounting, even from the bill sponsors own political party. Famed Republican strategist and former President Bush adviser Mary Matalin recently wrote to Iowa House Republican leadership, stating:

"I'm sorry to hear that House File 589, which would criminalize filming on farms, is still getting pushed along in Iowa...if [it]succeeds, it may well single Iowa out as the state with something to hide, which I know can't be the case."

Well, that IS the case, Mary. But thanks for chiming in nonetheless. (And send my regards to that marvelous husband of yours! Love him!)

And in other animal welfare news, five weeks after Mercy For Animals released undercover video exposing systematic animal abuse at E6 Cattle in Texas, felony arrest warrants for animal cruelty have been issued for five of its employees. Additionally, E6's owner and foreman have both been charged with Class A misdemeanors (link). This is great news considering that documented animal abuse on factory farms is rarely investigated by officials, let alone prosecuted. Hats off to the Castro County District Attorney and Sheriff's Office for stepping up to the plate by taking swift action.

I wrote about the E6 incident last week and how hard (or rather, impossible) it is to watch the undercover footage. Fortunately, there is an alternative. I encourage you to watch this 12-minute short film that takes you through every important detail of the E6 investigation without resorting to heart wrenching, soul-shredding graphic imagery. The film also talks about the consequences of our consumption of commercial if you drink milk or eat cheese, this is "must-see TV" for you!