Love of My Life

New York Twenty years together. Half my life. When I think about that, my heart smiles and my smile glows.

The journey has been nothing short of adventurous—full of passion, riddled with unconditional support, and bursting at the seams with welcomed change that continuously propels us. Days and days (7300 to be exact!!), filled with dance steps set to music we didn’t always control but made ours.

Mineral King

My bartender, my popcorn man, my DJ, my prep chef, my travel companion, my pillow, my GPS, my encyclopedia, my sometimes-I-want-to-cry-I’m-so-happy-to-be-with-you guy.


And I, your blue-eye admirer, fall in love with you over and over again. Every day. Each morning I wake up and think to myself, “Hot damn! I get to spend another day with this guy.” Life doesn’t get much better. Thank you for that, EJD!

Cheers, My Love!

New York