My Epitaph

Ingredients for the BLB In an email exchange with my friend Nan (this one, not this one) as we were trying to coordinate a Happy Hour rendezvous:

If you pour it, Barb will come.

Some people know me so well. Or I’m just easy to figure out.

Emmett and I came up with a new drink recently that has taken our palates hostage. It was inspired by something similar I had at the Bryant Lake Bowl back when I was in Minnesota earlier this year. I forgot the name they gave the drink there and even though our drink isn’t exactly the same as theirs, we’ve started calling it the BLB (short for either “Bryant Lake Bowl” or “Barb Likes Booze,” take your pick). I’m not a fan of the name so if you have suggestions, please feel free to share!


  • 3 parts fresh grapefruit juice (that means you take the actual grapefruit fruit and squeeze the juice out of it)
  • 2 parts Hendrick’s gin (highly recommend this over other gins because of its cucumber-rose flavor notes in addition to the typical juniper-citrus flavors found in gins)
  • 1 part St. Germain (or other elderberry liqueur)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ingredients, shake well, and pour into a tall glass filled with ice. That’s it. Best enjoyed when temps are 60 degrees or above. For those back in Minnesota, that may not be until July.