Fairies, Hearts, and Crests on Penguin Island

Heading out to Penguin Island As much as Emmett wanted to snorkel Rottnest Island, I wanted to kayak out to Penguin Island, part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and home to the Fairy Penguin and some stunning rock formations. I got my wish as we made our way down to Margaret River where we took a  kayak tour with Rivergods out of a little town called Rockingham.

Heading out to Shag Rock and Seal Island...in a double kayak (also known as the "divorce maker")

Emmett kayaking

Shag Rock

On Penguin Island

Fairy Penguin Feeding

Fairy Penguin

Taking a walk around the island.

More funky limestone rock formations.

Crested Terns

Another view of the Crested Terns

Penguin Island Chitons

More funky rocks on Penguin Island

Barb and Emmett on Penguin Island

Penguin under the boardwalk

Seagull eggs

Heading back to the mainland

Pelicans on Seal Island

And if you're anything like me, then you haven't gotten enough of the Fairy Penguins...so here are a couple of videos of them. Sit back and enjoy...maybe even as much as I did when I was there in person (or in penguin!).