March 5 - March 6, 4:23 p.m. Aussie Time

Heading to the Sunshine Coast – a report by Barb and Emmett

Well, there’s only one way to sum up the last leg of our trip: RAIN. And then some more RAIN. And then a little more RAIN.

Rain on the Noosa River

We’re writing this from the inside of our houseboat currently anchored by Thomson’s Canal in the Noosa River. If we were outside on the front deck (which is covered), we’d be eaten alive by the “mozzies,” (or “mosquitoes,” if you were speaking regular English). If we were outside on our back deck, we’d also be eaten alive by the mozzies but we’d be sopping wet as well since it’s not covered.  So today’s happy hour is in the upper living room/main deck of the houseboat. I’m not complaining…the views are lovely and the wildlife is active…eagles, brahminy kites, cormorants, ducks, blue herons, jumping fish, terns, five sets of canoes paddled by teens making the most of the weather conditions, and another houseboat full of 30-somethings dancing to house music (or, in this case, houseboat music).

Emmett at the helm of the Happy Jack

Happy Hour inside the Happy Jack

We have had two lovely breaks in the rain. Last night’s happy hour, we managed to squeeze in an hour atop our high deck and finish off a bottle of lovely Oyster Bay Chardonnay. And this morning we awoke to partly cloudy skies for breakfast and for a mid-morning happy hour of MIMOSAS!! I can’t tell you how happy I was to have those mimosas. But shortly after the last drop was enjoyed, the rain started up again and has not quit in literally seven hours and counting. And counting. And counting. And counting.

First night's happy hour on the Happy Jack

Mimosas on the Happy Jack

So after leaving Straddie via ferry yesterday and driving two hours north to the supposed “Sunshine Coast,” hearing for the billionth time “It NEVER rains here,” I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I truly understand what “sheets of rain” looks like.

Sheets of Rain