March 4, 8:19 p.m. Aussie Time

Bush to the Beach Day – A report by Barb and Emmett Woke up this morning to non-wet conditions so we thought we’d make a run for the Blue Lake National Park again…the same place we tried to do yesterday and got drenched. We made it half way to the park before the rain came and foiled our plans once again. So we turned around and decided to explore the other point on the island called Amity Point. Much smaller than Point Lookout but it is also more sheltered as it is on the bay side…so the ocean was actually calm and we could see the resident dolphins a mere 50 feet from shore. A true delight. We walked a bit around the park, noticed that the showers had passed and decided to take one last stab at Blue Lake.

Ducks of Amity Point

The third time was definitely the charm…we made it to the lake, had a lovely lunch, and an overall wonderful hike. This time, we took a “spider stick” which helped to lessen the web-in-face encounter factor.

Lunch overlooking Blue Lake


Blue Lake Hike

After the hike, we headed back home so Barb could take a nap (that darn cold is still hanging around). Then it was back out to Point Lookout’s Main Beach for Happy Hour on the sand while watching the waves and the stormy (but not wet) clouds pass by.

Main Beach Happy Hour


Happy Hour on Main Beach

Then dinner, then laundry, then packing up and getting ready to head out to our final leg of the trip in Noosa where we’ll be on a houseboat for three days/two nights. Guess what the forecast is…yep, RAIN! Oh well, it hasn’t stopped us much up until this point. The only thing we haven’t been able to do is kayak and snorkel on Straddie. Other than that, we’ve checked everything else off our list.

We won’t have access to the Internet while on the houseboat so don’t expect any more updates for the next few days. We’ll try to post on our last day in Brisbane before getting on the plane for the always thrilling 13-hour ride home.


Happy Hour Main Beach